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Need working capital to cover the cash flow gaps and grow your business?

Purchase or payable financing are considered as the transitional sources of finance with a potential to carry business ahead, when it is not qualified for a traditional loan

Purchase financing assists in the smooth functioning of your business in the following scenarios:
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Tackle offseasons

Purchase financing can come in handy in off seasons, allowing your business to reserve cash required to pay the employees

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Security to employees

Lack of cash flow means your employees will receive their salaries late. Purchase Financing allows you to settle your invoices while still maintaining funds to pay your employees, thus offering them security

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Business Working Capital

Lack of cash can affect growth opportunities. Purchase financing will help bolster your access to working capital

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Cash Flow

Purchase Financing can manage the sudden bumps in cash flows and allow you to focus more on your business growth

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Small business budget

With Purchase financing, you get a breather as Finaxar helps clear your payments on time, giving you net terms on your invoices

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Capitalize on opportunities

Finaxar can take care of your invoices first so that you have the funds to take advantage of growth opportunities

Conventional Reverse Factoring v/s Finaxar Purchase Financing

Your business might experience negative cash flow during a period. This will stop you from running the business smoothly. Instead, use the outstanding financing solution to smoothen your cash flow and advance the business operations.

Conventional Reverse Factoring
Finaxar Purchase Financing
Application Process
Conventional Reverse Factoring Easy to qualify for reverse factoring
Finaxar Purchase Financing Purchase Financing allows for quick application and approval
Conventional Reverse Factoring Required
Finaxar Purchase Financing Not Required
Conventional Reverse Factoring Pay additional fees for facility setup, minimum utilization and termination
Finaxar Purchase Financing Pay a single, simple percentage fee on the amount used
Credit Assessment
Conventional Reverse Factoring More than 5 working days
Finaxar Purchase Financing Less than 72 hours
Cash Disbursement
Conventional Reverse Factoring After 2 working days or more
Finaxar Purchase Financing Less than 24 hours

Access capital instantly

Need cash flow to keep your business going? Access working capital instantly in a few simple steps:

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01. Sign Up

Undergo a one-time credit assessment and get approved in 72 hours. The sign-up process is simple and takes only 5 mins to complete. Simply give us the details of your business and sign up to our Finaxar app.


Log in to your Finaxar account to integrate your accounting software.

Connect Seamlessly Using Your Platform Credentials
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03.Get funds

You have the access to Finaxar App, you will be able to see all your unpaid invoices. Select the invoices you would like to get paid & request funds with one click and receive them in 24 hours. Isn’t that simple?

04. Manage

View your revenue and credit availability in one place. Manage your account at anytime, anywhere. You can request for additional funds as per your need and manage your repayments schedule right from one platform.

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