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How Finaxar Receivable Financing Works:

Receivables Financing allows you to get working capital funds without increasing your liabilities. Receive up to 80% cash in advance from your unpaid invoices and remaining 20% (less fees) when your customer pays us. You can turn your outstanding invoices into cash faster than ever with Finaxar.

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Connect your accounting software & automatically sync your unpaid invoices using the dashboard.

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Draw funds anytime you need and get 80% of your invoice value within 24 hours with one click.

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Get Higher Credit Limits

Get a credit limit based on your customers' strengths. As your company grows, you can get a bigger credit limit to help take the next step.

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Fund Only What You Need

You can turn all unpaid invoices into cash or partial invoices. Fund what you need, when you need with no commitments.

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Quick & Paperless Approval

Seamlessly connect your accounting software or your accounting books, Excel sheets and receive a paperless credit assessment.

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Lower Interest Rates

We pride ourselves on our single, transparent fee for all our funding options available. There are no admin, processing or pre-payment fees.

Things you need to get started

12 months+ Company operation

$50,000 in revenue

Verifiable account and sales history

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Recommended for

Online merchants and other businesses with significant credit card transactions

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Recommended for

Software-as-a-service (SaaS), digital media and other technology businesses. Get funded without giving away your business control.

How is Receivable Financing different?

Traditional Invoice Financing
Receivable Financing
Method A factoring provider collects the amount from your client directly and gives you the rest after their deductions.
Method Maintain the client relationship even after turning your invoices into cash while using Finaxar.
Time Traditional factoring companies may take longer than a week to get the credit assessment.
Time Sign up in a few minutes and complete the online assessment within 72 hours and access your funds within 24 hours.
Application Process
Application Process Financers usually require several documents for verification purposes which make it a lengthy and stressful process.
Application Process With our completely paperless and hassle-free process, you only need to sync your accounting platform.
Fees Banks and other financers often charge several fees such as admin or processing fees.
Fees Enjoy low-interest rates and one single transparent fee with Finaxar.

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Your queries about Receivable Financing, answered

  1. a) When making a funding decision, we evaluate your short-term cash flow history and the creditworthiness of your customers, whereas banks focus heavily on your company’s balance sheet strength.

    b) We make quick funding decisions, while banks may take weeks or even months at times to evaluate a financing decision, potentially resulting in loss of business opportunities due to slow turnaround times.

    Written by Vihang Patel Uptated over a week ago
  1. We will send you an email which contains a Sign Up link. Once you click on the ‘Sign Up’ button, your browser will open to the Sign Up page shown below. Read More

    Written by Vihang Patel Uptated over a week ago
  1. Generally, we only require a Personal Guarantee (“PG”) or a Joint/Several Personal Guarantees (“JSPG”) of the director(s) for the facility. However in certain cases, we may also require additional collateral eg. fixed deposits or a floating charge on the company’s assets to improve the credit structure of the facility.

    Written by Vihang Patel Uptated over a week ago
  1. Finaxar provides many working capital solutions to help your company manage your short-term cash flow issues, ranging from accounts receivable financing to various forms of supply chain financing.

    We provide a credit line facility (as against a term loan) that helps meet your working capital requirements. We do this in 2 ways:

    •  If you provide goods or services to other business, we can provide a line against your invoices to these businesses.
    • If you sell online through your own website through major platforms like Lazada & Amazon, or have a retail operation that accepts credit cards, we can provide you a merchant credit line against these credit card transactions.

    We are happy to get on understand your requirements over a call and follow up with a meeting as per your convenience.

    Written by Vihang Patel Uptated over a week ago

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