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Growth capital financing is also known as an expansion capital. Be it sales force expansion, product development, equipment purchase, development of new distribution channels or hiring of new employees, cash flow helps in business expansion. Consider growth capital for fulfilling your business expansion needs. Growth capital, in its simplest roles, assists companies in their business growth by providing the required capital.

Growth capital assists in smooth cash flow in many ways
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Using business growth funding, companies can invest extra money to make connections in the market

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Retain control and ownership

Apply for growth capital and retain control and ownership of your business

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Business expertise

Growth capital provides a valuable source of consultation and guidance to the businesses

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Additional resource planning

Growth capital enables businesses to keep going with their operations and also plan for additional resources such as tax, human resource and legal

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Get required funding

With growth capital, companies can avail required funding and get going with their business operations without a halt

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Expand Products or Services

Stable and growing businesses trying to increase revenues and want to serve customers better with the new product from time to time.

Growth Capital Financing v/s Banks and VC's

Your business might experience negative cash flow during a period. This will stop you from running the business smoothly. Instead, use growth financing to smoothen your cash flow and advance the business operations.

Low-interest rates
No loss of control of equity dilution
Provides a large amount of capital
Requires a personal guarantee
No personal guarantees
Requires 20% to 40% equity stake
Inflexible payment schedule
Flexible payments
Complex funding and investment option
2-6 months fundraising period
Fundraising within a few days
3-9 months fundraising period

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Need quick cash flow to keep your business going? Access working capital instantly in a few simple steps:

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01. Give us the details of your business

Help us understand you better. We would like to get to know each other and understand the nature of your business and your client database as well. The better we know each other the easier it gets us to help you with your growth plan and funding.

02.Sign up

Once we have all the information, we would like you to sign up to our app so our credit expert team can access the requirements and get to the next step which an approval.

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03.Close the deal

Happy days! Once you have the approval, we will start working on the funds which you need and get you the working capital as soon as possible. This entire process should not take more than 3-4 weeks.

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