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General FAQs
Flex Visa Business Card
How does Flex work?

Flex helps businesses eliminate friction that exists in managing B2B payments with Flex Visa Business cards and Flex PLUS.

Businesses can manage their expenses by accessing the Flex web app, from which they can request/issue cards and apply for a credit line. With a Flex Business Account, cardholders can access Flex PLUS: a credit line of up to S$500,000 with 0% interest for up to 35 days.

What is spend management?

Spend management is the way an organisation optimises its business spends and implements efficient steps to increase financial performance.

How can Flex's spend management platform help with my company’s day-to-day spends?

Flex's spend management platform helps you oversee your organisational spending with real-time insights, set up custom spend limits on teams, allow/block spend on specific merchant categories, and streamline the accounting process with Flex's Xero integration.

How do I sign up for Flex?

Signing up for Flex is a 100% online process and takes only 10 minutes. Get your Flex Visa Business card in just 3 steps. Visit to get started.

Why do I need my mobile phone for eKYC?

The mandatory facial and identity verification can only be done with a mobile device.

What can I do on the Flex dashboard?

On the Flex dashboard, you can:

  • View real-time information on transactions.
  • Request physical cards and issue virtual cards for purchases.
  • Setup spend limits and controls on cards.
  • Upload receipts against recent transactions.
  • Check your Flex PLUS credit and Business Account balances.
  • Apply for a Flex PLUS credit line.
When will the funds show in my account?

For bank transfer, your funds will be credit to your Flex Business Account within 1 business day. Upon successful approval of a Flex PLUS credit line, your funds will be reflected on your Flex Business Account immediately.

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