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How Finaxar Credit Line Works:

The biggest problem affecting SMEs are cash flow gaps, preventing business growth. Our Finaxar Credit Line is tailored to meet the needs of businesses just like you. Pay a single percentage fee on the amount you actually use, allowing you to grow your business.

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Apply & sign up in 5 minutes with our paperless and completely online process.

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Get credit approval in as quick as 30 mins & access to funds in 24 hours*.

Pay a single fee

You are only charged one single fee for the amount you draw from the credit line.


Pay only for what you use with our convenient repayment plans and schedules

The funding solution that fits your business needs

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Easy Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible to get a Finaxar Credit Line with us within just six months of starting your business. The Finaxar Credit Line is tailored to serve all the sellers like you to get quick access to funds. There are no minimum credit score or monthly income requirements. You can get approval in as quick as 30 minutes.

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Higher Credit Limits

Get access of up to $500,000 with absolutely zero paperwork. You can now enjoy the higher limits. The more you drawdown, the less interest you pay each time with a higher limit. We believe in giving the customers what they need to grow their business and not what we think is risk-free credit.

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Ease of Access

Seamlessly connect your trade platform or accounting software and receive a paperless credit assessment and funds in your bank account within 24 hours* of your request. Pay for the exact amount you use and repay based on a set repayment schedule.

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Transparent Fees

A single transparent percentage fee is deducted from the amount you request. No processing fees, no admin charges. With our Credit Line, you only pay for what you use. Be at ease with our guaranteed single financing fee.

Things you need to get started

6+ months of revenue generation

$50,000 in revenue

Verifiable sales history

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Software-as-a-service (SaaS), digital media and other technology businesses. Get funded without giving away your business control.

How is Merchant Credit Line different?

Line of Credit
Finaxar Credit Line
Funds Line of credit offers secured cash advances as well as unsecured funds.
Funds Finaxar credit line allows merchants to receive an advance against their future cash and credit card sales.
Credit Line
Credit Line Line of credit will give you access to a predetermined credit line. Once you reach your credit limit, apply again to get more funds.
Credit Line Finaxar credit line lets you access funds until you reach your credit limit. Each repayment tops your credit line up.
Application Process
Application Process Funds can take up to 48 hours or more depending upon the minimum requirements are fulfilled.
Application Process Credit assessment can be done in as quick as 30 mins and funds will be in the bank account in 24 hours*.
Accessibilty Business credit line will allow you to access funds for your small business but in some cases small working capital may take a long time.
Accessibilty You can borrow as little as you need from your credit line and get access to more funds within 24 hours*.
Fees Some banks or online business funds provider may charge several fees like admin cost or processing fee.
Fees Finaxar only charges a single simple percentage fee on the amount used. No application & processing fee.

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Your queries about Finaxar Credit Line, answered

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    Written by Vihang Patel Uptated over a week ago
  1. Finaxar provides many working capital solutions to help your company manage your short-term cash flow issues, ranging from accounts receivable financing to various forms of supply chain financing.

    We provide a credit line facility (as against a term loan) that helps meet your working capital requirements. We do this in 2 ways:

    • If you provide goods or services to other business, we can provide a line against your invoices to these businesses.
    • If you sell online through your own website through major platforms like Lazada & Amazon, or have a retail operation that accepts credit cards, we can provide you a merchant credit line against these credit card transactions.

    We are happy to get on understand your requirements over a call and follow up with a meeting as per your convenience.

    Written by Vihang Patel Uptated over a week ago

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